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Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple

Constructed in between the 15th and 17th century by a local ruler called “Chembakasserry Pooradam Thirunal Devanarayanan Thampuran” is a Hindu shrine in Kerala known as “Ambalapuzzha Shri Krishna Temple”. This “Lord Krishna” devoted temple is located in the Alappuzha district in a small town called Ambalapuzzha. It also is closely linked to the Shri Guruvayur Shree Krishna Temple.  Historically speaking, when the state of Kerala was under attack by Tipu Sultan in 1789 the idol of Lord Krishna belonging to the Guruvayur Temple in the Thrissur district was shifted to this temple, and was safely preserved for twelve years.


a. Best time to visit  Ambalapuzzha Shri Krishna Temple

The ideal time to visit this temple is during the winter season from November to February when the climate is pleasant and the temperature ranges from a maximum of 32 degree Celsius to a minimum of 17 degree Celsius.

b. How to reach  Ambalapuzzha Shri Krishna Temple

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Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple Map

1. By train:

The closest railway station is located in Alappuzha itself. The Alappuzha Railway Station is well connected to major cities in the country.

2. By road:

If you intend to drive to this temple the ideal starting points would be Kottayam, Ernakulum, Thrissur and Kochi.

  • Via Kottayam:

There are two routes from Kottayam to this temple, and they are via Kollam-Theni Highway and SH11 and via Kollam-Theni Highway and Ambalapuzzha Thiruvalla Road.

  • Via Ernakulum:

There is one route from Ernakulam to this temple, and it is via NH66.

  • Via Thrissur:

There is one route from Thrissur to this temple, and it is via NH544 and NH66.

  • Via Kochi:

There is one route from Kochi to this temple, and it is via NH66.

3. By air:

The nearest airport is located in Kochi. The Kochi International Airport is well connected to major cities in the country as well as to international destinations.

c. Religious significance of the Ambalapuzzha Shri Krishna Temple

This temple is renowned for its “payasam” i.e. a form of sweet pudding. According to folklore, Lord Krishna in the form of sage arrived at the court of king who ruled this region. He (Krishna) then challenged the king for a game of chess/chaturanga which was happily accepted by the king as he truly enjoyed the game. Before the game began it was decided that in case Krishna won he would be awarded increasing amount of rice grains on the chess board i.e. one grain of rice is the first square, two grains in the second square, four grains in the third square, eight grains in the fourth, and sixteen in the fifth square and it will continue till the last square is reached. On completion of the game the king happened to have lost the game, and on calculating it was found that total rice grains that he had to give Krishna was in millions, causing a problem for the king.  To reduce the burden for the king Krishna revealed his true self and asked the king to thereafter serve “pal payasam” to his devotees daily until the day he manages to clear his debt. This ritual thus since then has continued to be carried forward at this temple.


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