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Chandi Devi Temple

Popularly known as “Neel Parvat Tirth” is a temple situated on top of the Sivalik Hills in Uttarakhand called Chandi Devi. This temple dedicated to Goddess Chandi Devi (an incarnation of Goddess Parvati) is located in “one of India’s most holy city” Haridwar. It was in 1929 that this “Devi Temple” was built by then “King of Kashmir” Suchat Singh.  However, the main idol of this temple was first enshrined during the 8th century by Adi Shankararcharya. Furthermore, this temple is also considered to be a “Siddh Peetha” i.e. a place of worship where one’s desires are fulfilled.


a. Best time to visit the Chandi Devi Temple

The perfect time to visit this city is in between October and April during which the climate is cool and pleasant with, the temperature ranging from a maximum of 17 degrees Celsius to a minimum of about 6 degrees Celsius.

b. How to reach Chandi Devi Temple

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Chandi Devi Temple Map

1. By train:

Haridwar possesses its own railway station. The Haridwar Railway Station is well connected to all major cities and towns in India.

2. By road:

If you intend to drive to this temple then the ideal starting points would be New Delhi, Jaipur, Gurgaon, and Manali

  • Via New Delhi:

There are three routes from New Delhi to this temple, and they are via NH334, via NH9 and NH34, and via SH 57 and NH334.

  • Via Jaipur:

There are three routes from Jaipur to this temple, and they are via NH48 and NH334, via NH48, and via NH21.

  • Via Gurgaon:

There are three routes from Gurgaon to this temple, and they are via NH334, via NH34, and via NH44 and NH334.

3. By air:

The nearest airport to Haridwar is located in Dehradun. The Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is well connected to major cities in the country. Taxi services are available from this airport to Haridwar.

c. Religious significance of the Chandi Devi Temple

According to folklore there existed two demon kings Shumba and Nishumba. These kings apparently had then overthrown Lord Indra, the king of heaven as well as many other gods from heaven. This arrogant behaviour of these two demons resulted in all the overthrown gods praying for an appropriate answer to their insult. Their prayer was finally answered in the form of Goddess Parvati who took the form of a beautiful woman called Chandi. Now Shumba wanted to marry her but was rejected. In response he sent his demon chiefs Munda and Chanda to kill her but unfortunately they themselves got killed. Shumba and Nishumba then together attempted to kill Chandi and they too were vanquished. It is after killing the two demons that Chandi is supposed to have rested on top Neela Parvat on which this temple was eventually built.


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