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Hazratbal Shrine

“Respected place” is what the renowned Muslim shrine located in Jammu and Kashmir called Hazratbal literally means. This shrine considered to be the most “sacred” in Kashmir is situated in the Srinagar district. Apparently this shrine according to many Muslims in the region is said to contain the “hair” of Prophet Muhammad. In addition, this shrine is situated on the left bank of the Dal Lake. Furthermore, the relic i.e. hair of Muhammad on 26th September 1963 was supposed to have gone missing creating a lot of commotion in the state leading to mass protests. Fortunately the missing relic was eventually found on the 4th of January 1964.


a. Best time to visit the Hazratbal Shrine

The ideal time to visit this pious Muslim shrine is from April to October when the climate is extremely pleasant with the temperature ranging from maximum of 30 degree Celsius to a minimum of 14 degree Celsius.

b. How to reach Hazratbal Shrine

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Hazratbal Shrine Map

1. By train:

The closest station to this Muslim shrine is the Jammu Tawi and the Udhampur Railway Station. Both these stations are well connected to major cities in the country.

2. By road:

If you intend to drive to Hazratbal Shrine the starting points located in close proximity would be New Delhi, and Patnitop.

a. How to reach Hazratbal Shrine from New Delhi : The shortest route to reach Hazratbal Shrine  from New Delhi,  is via NH 44 as depicted in the map above. Alternatively, click on the Google Maps link here to view on Google Maps.

b. How to reach Hazratbal Shrine  from Patnitop : There fastest route from Patnitop to Hazratbal Shrine is via NH 44 and the route map is depicted above. Alternatively, click on the Google Maps link here to view on Google Maps.

3. By air:

The nearest airport to this Muslim shrine is located in Srinagar. The Srinagar Airport is well connected to major cities in the country such as New Delhi.

c. Religious significance of the Hazratbal Shrine

The relic that comprised of the “hair” of Prophet Muhammad was brought to India by Syed Abdullah a relative of the prophet. This relic was then transferred to Syed Hamid the son of Abdullah on his death. Now it was during this time that the Mughal began invading the Kashmir region as a result of which Hamid who had lost all his wealth to the Mughals sold the relic to a businessman called Khwaja-Nur-Ud-Eshai. It was then that Emperor Aurangzeb located in New Delhi who arrested the businessman and managed to seize the relic and send it to the Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti shrine in Ajmer. However Aurangzeb realized his folly and decided to return the relic to businessman so he could go back to Kashmir with it. Unfortunately the businessman by then had already died in prison. So in order to compensate for his blunder the Emperor sent the relic along with the body of the businessman back to Kashmir. It was then in Kashmir that the daughter of the businessman Inayat Begum who became the caretaker of the relic and constructed a shrine around it.

Hotels, Resorts Accommodation and Home Stays in and around Hazratbal Shrine :

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Tipu Sultan Shahi Masjid

Nizamat Imambara

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