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Parali Vaijnath Temple

Considered to be one among the “12 Jyotirlinga” temples in the country is a Hindu shrine located in Maharashtra called Parli Vajinath Temple. This “Jyotirlinga” temple is situated in the Beed district in a city called Parli and attracts a large number of Lord Shiva devotees annually. This temple has been constructed using stone on a hill and is fortified by a wall that provides protection from all sides. In addition, the complex of this temple comprises of a large courtyard. Furthermore, several festivals such as Gudi Padwa, Vijaya Dashami, Tripuri Poornima, and Mahashivratri are celebrated with great aplomb at this temple.


a. Best time to visit Parli Vajinath Temple

The ideal time to visit this temple is from October to February as the climate is extremely pleasant with the temperature ranging from a maximum of 30 degree Celsius to a minimum of 18 degree Celsius.

b. How to reach  Parli Vajinath Temple

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Parali Vaijnath Temple Map

1. By train:

The nearest station is located in the city of Parli. The Parli Vajinath Railway Station is well connected to major cities such as Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Nashik etc.

2. By road:

If you intend to drive to this temple then the ideal starting points would be Kolhapur, Mumbai, Pune, and Ratnagiri.

  • Via Kolhapur:

There are two routes from Kolhapur to this temple, and they are via NH204 and via NH204 and Matheran-Neral-Kalam Road.

  • Via Mumbai:

There are two routes from Mumbai to this temple, and they are via Bangalore-Mumbai Highway/Mumbai-Highway/Mumbai-Pune Highway, and via Phule Nagar Akluj Road.

  • Via Pune:

There are two routes from Pune to this temple, and they are via Beed-Ahmednagar-Pune Road/Kopargaon-Shirdi-Ahmednagar –Pune Highway and Parli Vajinath-Beed Highway, and via Phule Nagar-Akluj Road.

  • Via Ratnagiri:

There are three routes from Ratnagiri to this temple, and they are via Pandharpur-Tuljapur-Solapur-Georai Road, via Umbraj-Chiplun Road, and via NH166.

3. By air:

The closest airport to this temple is located in Aurangabad at a distance of 174. The Chikkalthana Airport is well connected to major cities in the country.

c. Religious significance of the Parli Vajinath Temple

According to a popular myth linked to the epic Ramayana Ravana who was a devotee of Lord Shiva was once carrying a shivlinga to Lanka. It so happened then that Ravana wanted to relieve himself before continuing with the journey, and so it was in the city of Parli that he requested a herdsman to hold the shivalinga while he relieved himself.  Now this herdsman due to impatience was not able to hold on to the shivalinga for long and hence kept it on the ground and left the site. As a result of which it is said that this “Jyotirlinga” temple was eventually built at this site.  In addition, it is also said that Lord Shiva decided to live in this temple in the form of “Vaidyanatheshwar”.


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