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Salasar Hanuman Mandir

Located in Rajasthan is a popular Lord Hanuman temple called Salasar Hanuman Mandir or Salasar Balaji. This religiously significant temple is situated in a town called Salasar in the Churu district. This temple lies in close proximity to popular shrines in the state such as the Rani Sati Temple and Khatushyamji. In addition, such is the popularity of this temple that it attracts a large number of ardent Hanuman devotees from throughout the country annually. Furthermore, fairs are organized at this temple during special religious occasions such as Chaitra Purnima and Ashvin Purnima.


a. Best time to visit  Salasar Hanuman Mandir Temple

The ideal time to visit this village is during the winter season which begins in October and ends in March when the climate is extremely pleasant with, the temperature ranging from a maximum of 22 degree Celsius to a minimum of 5 degree Celsius.

b. How to reach Salasar Hanuman Mandir Temple

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Salasar Hanuman Mandir Map

1. By train:

The nearest railway station to this village is the Ringas Junction. The Ringas Junction Railway Station is well connected to a major city like New Delhi.

2. By road:

If you intend to drive to this temple then the ideal starting points would be Jaipur, New Delhi, Agra, Jodhpur, and Udaipur.

  • Via Jaipur:

There are three routes from Jaipur to this temple, and they are via NH-52 and Jaipur-Jhunjhunu Bypass Road/Loharu Sikar Road, via RJ SH 37, and via NH-48.

  • Via Agra:

There are three routes from Agra to this temple, and they are via NH19/NH44, via Alwar-Bharatpur Road, and via Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Expressway.

  • Via New Delhi:

There are three routes from New Delhi to this temple, and they are via NH334B, via NH9, and via NH334B and NH 709 Ext.

  • Via Jodhpur:

There are three routes from Jodhpur to this temple, and they are via NH-62, via NH-62 and NH58, and via NH62 and Tarnau-Khatu Kalan- Kuchaman City Road.

  • Via Udaipur:

There are three routes from Udaipur to this temple, and they are NH-58, via NH-48, and via NH58 and NH48.

3. By air:

The closest airport to this religious village is located in Jaipur. The Sangneer International Airport, Jaipur is well connected to major cities and towns in the country.

c. Religious significance of the Salasar Hanuman Mandir

According to a popular legend one fine day a farmer belonging to a village called Asota was ploughing his field. It was while ploughing that he discovered an idol of Lord Balaji i.e. Hanuman. He then made sure that he cleaned the idol properly and thereafter along with his wife began worshipping this idol. Now the news of this discovery spread like wildfire throughout the village. Apparently then one night Lord Balaji appeared in the dream of the Thakur of the Asota village and instructed him to install the idol in Salasar. Furthermore, at about the same time an ardent Lord Balaji devotee Mohandas Maharaj also claimed to have seen a dream in which the lord (i.e. Balaji) himself instructed him to enshrine the idol in Salasar. He then shared his dream with the Thakur which eventually led to the creation of this temple known as Salasar Balaji/Salasar Dham/Salasar Hanuman Mandir in the town called Salasar.


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