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St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church

Also known as “Kottayam Cheriyapally” which means “Little church” when literally translated is a Catholic church located in Kerala called “St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church”.  This “Syrian” church is located in a town called Kottayam. It is also said to have been constructed in 1579 and has been extremely well preserved. In addition, the architecture of this church is essentially European and comprises of beautiful galleries, pillars, cornices, and pediments. The walls within this church also consist of beautiful murals based on “Oriental and Western styles” representing both “biblical and non-biblical themes”.


a. Best time to visit St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church

The ideal time to visit this church is from October to February during the winter season when the climate is extremely “cool” with the mercury dropping to as low as 10 degree Celsius.

b. How to reach St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church

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St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church Map

1. By train:

The closest railway station to this church is located in Kottayam. The Kottayam Railway Station is well connected to major cities in the state as well in the country.

2. By road:

If you intend to drive to this church then the ideal starting points would be Thrissur, Alappuzha, Kollam, and Madurai.

  • Via Thrissur:

There are two routes from Thrissur to this church, and they are via NH544, via NH544 and NH66, and via Kodungallur Shornur Road and NH66.

  • Via Alapuzzha:

There are three routes from Alapuzzha to this church, and they are via SH40, via Alapuzzha-Veliyanad Road and Kollam Theni Highway, and via Alapuzzha Veliyanad Road.

  • Via Kollam:

There are three routes from Kollam to this church, and they are via Kollam-Theni Highway and NH183, via NH66, and via NH183.

  • Via Madurai:

There are three routes from Madurai to this church, and they are via NH85 and NH183, via NH744, and via NH85.

3. By air:

The closest airport is located in Trivandrum and Kochi. The Trivandrum and Kochi Airports are well connected to cities in the country as well as to international destinations.

c. Religious significance of the St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church

There is no religious nor any historical myth, legend, story, or folklore associated to this church located in Kottayam.


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